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Emily H. Stanley

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218 Limnology
Office: (608)263-2567

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Research Interests

    I am broadly interested in aquatic ecosystem ecology, including human influences on carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling and understanding linkages among aquatic ecosystems. Much of my work is done at the interface between ecology, geomorphology, and hydrology, and focuses on streams and rivers. This research is connected to the North Temperate Lake LTER program and a Macrosystems Biology project on large scale and long term dynamics of lake chemistry.



    Zoology 101:  Animal Biology
    Zoology 315:  Limnology: Conservation of Aquatic Resources
    Zoology 316:  Limnology: Conservation of Aquatic Resources Lab
    Zoology 548:  Ecology of Rivers and Streams
    Zoology 750:  Problems in Oceanography
    Zoology 955:  Seminar-Limnology

    Graduate students currently supervised:

    Noah Lottig (
       Limnology and Marine Sciences - PhD candidate.  Biogeochemical signatures of wetland streams

    Stephen Powers (
        Limnology and Marine Sciences MS candidate. Ecosystem Effects of Dam Removal: the Role of Nutrients and Sediment

    Matthew Fuller (
        Beaver impoundments as flow discontinuities of stream networks

    Students supervised who recently earned graduate degrees:

    Abby Popp, MS Limnology and Marine Sciences, 2005
       Longitudinal patterns of carbon, chlorophyll, and nutrients in the Wisconsin River (Abstract)

    Kristy Rogers, MS Limnology and Marine Sciences, 2005
        Algal and macroinvertebrate responses to removal of a small dam (Abstract)

    Cailin Orr, PhD Limnology and Marine Sciences, 2005
        Understanding biogeochemical responses to hydrologic alteration in streams and rivers. (Abstract)

    Ken Forshay, MS Zoology, 2003.
        Nitrogen dynamics of floodplain water bodies following inundation on the Wisconsin River Floodplain.

    Cailin Orr, MS Limnology and Marine Sciences, 2002.
        Patterns of dam removal and ecological response: A study of small dams in Wisconsin.     


Selected Publications

  • Carpenter, S.R., B.J. Benson, R. Biggs, J.W. Chipman, J.A. Foley, S.A. Golding, R.B. Hammer, P.C. Hanson, P.T.J. Johnson, A.M. Kamarainen, T.K. Kratz, R.C. Lathrop, K.D. McMahon, B. Provencher, J.A. Rusak, C.T. Solomon, E.H. Stanley, M.G. Turner, M.J. Vander Zanden, C.-H. Wu and H. Yuan.  2007.  Understanding regional change:  Comparison of two lake districts. BioScience:  accepted.

  • Watters, J.R. and E.H. Stanley. 2007. Peatland stream channels and the role of biological processes in controlling channel form. Geomorphology: accepted.

  • Kondolf, G. M., A. J. Boulton, S. O'Daniel, G. C. Poole, F. J. Rahel, E. H. Stanley, E. Wohl, A. Bang, J. Carlstrom, C. Cristoni, H. Huber, S. Koljonen, P. Louhi and K. Nakamura 2006. Process-based ecological river restoration: visualizing three-dimensional connectivity and dynamic vectors to recover lost linkages. Ecology and Society 11:5. [online] URL:

  • Hanson, P.C., S.R. Carpenter, D.E. Armstrong, E.H. Stanley, and T.K. Kratz. 2006. Drivers of lake dissolved inorganic carbon and dissolved oxygen across scales from days to decades. Ecological Monographs 76:343-363. pdf file

  • Orr, C.H., K.L. Rogers, and E.H. Stanley. 2006. Channel geomorphology and P uptake following removal of a small dam. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 25:556-568. pdf file

  • Orr, C.H. and E.H. Stanley. 2006. Vegetation development and restoration potential of drained reservoirs following dam removal in Wisconsin. River Research and Applications 22:281-295. pdf file

  • Forshay, K.J. and E.H. Stanley. 2005. Rapid nitrate loss and denitrification in a temperate river floodplain. Biogeochemistry 75:43-64. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, D.L. Strayer, R.B. Jacobson, and J.C. Schmidt. 2005. Dominant discharge analysis of ecological processes in streams. Water Resources Research 41:W11411. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, C.H. Orr, A.R. Selle, S.A. Sethi, and J.M. Harbor. 2005. Stream ecosystem response to small dam removal: lessons from the Heartland. Geomorphology 71: 227-244. pdf file

  • Gergel, S.E., S.R. Carpenter, and E.H. Stanley. 2005. Do dams and levees impact nitrogen cycling? Simulating the effects of flood alterations on floodplain denitrification. Global Change Biology 111:1352-1367. pdf file

  • Jansson, R., H. Backx, A.J. Boulton, M. Dixon, D. Dudgeon, F. Hughes, K. Nakamura, E. Stanley, and K. Tockner 2005. Stating mechanisms and refining criteria for ecologically successful river restoration:  A comment on Palmer et al. (2004).  Journal of Applied Ecology 42:218-222. pdf file

  • Haggard, B.E., E.H. Stanley, and D.E. Storm. 2005. Stream nutrient retention efficiency in an enriched system. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 24:29-47. pdf file

  • Kang, H. and E.H. Stanley. 2005. Effects of levees on soil microbial activities in a large river floodplain. River Research and Applications 21:19-25. pdf file

  • Stanley, E.H., S.G. Fisher, and J.B. Jones. 2004. Effects of water loss on primary producers: a landscape-scale model. Aquatic Sciences: 66:130-138. pdf file

  • Miller, J. R., M. G. Turner, E. A. H. Smithwick, C.L. Dent, and E. H. Stanley. 2004. Spatial extrapolation: the science of predicting ecological patterns and processes. BioScience: 54:310-320. pdf file

  • Sethi, S.A., A.R. Selle, M.W. Doyle, E.H. Stanley, and H.E. Kitchel. 2004. Response of unionid mussels to dam removal in Koshkonong Creek, Wisconsin (U.S.A.). Hydrobiologia 525:157-165. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, C.H. Orr, A.R. Selle, and J.M. Harbor. 2003. Hydrogeomorphic controls on phosphorus retention in streams. Water Resources Research 39: 10.1029/2003WR002038.  pdf file

  • Reid, J.W., G.W. Hunt, and E.H. Stanley. 2003. A new species of Stygonitrocrella (Crustacea: Copepoda: Ameiridae), the first report of the genus in North America. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 116:1017-1027.

  • Nilsson, C., J.E. Pizzuto, G.E. Moglen, M.A. Palmer, E.H. Stanley, N.E. Bockstael, and L.C. Thompson. 2003. Ecological forecasting and urbanized streams: challenges for economists, hydrologists, geomorphologists, and ecologists. Ecosystems 6:659-674. pdf file

  • Hunt, G.W. and E.H. Stanley. 2003. Environmental factors influencing the composition and distribution of the hyporheic in Oklahoma streams: variation across ecoregions. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 158:1-24.

  • Kang, H., E.H. Stanley, and S.S. Park. 2003. A sensitive method for the measurement of ammonium in soil extract and water using an OPA compound. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 34:2193-2201.  pdf file

  • Haggard, B.E., P.A. Moore, Jr., I Chaubey, and E.H. Stanley. 2003. Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and export from an Ozark Plateau catchment in the United States. Biosystems Engineering 86:75-85. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., A.R. Selle, J.M. Stofleth, E.H. Stanley, and J.M. Harbor. 2003. Predicting the depth of erosion following dam removal using a bank stability model. International Journal of Sediment Research 18:128-134.

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, and J.M. Harbor. 2003. Hydrogeomorphic controls on phosphorus retention in streams. Water Resources Research 39:10.1029/2003WR002038. pdf file

  • 1 Jones, J.B., E.H. Stanley and P.J. Mulholland. 2003. Long-term decline in carbon dioxide supersaturation in rivers across the contiguous United States. Geophysical Research Letters 30: 10.1029/2003GL017056 pdf file

  • Freeman, R.E., E.H. Stanley, and M.G. Turner. 2003. Analysis and conservation implications of landscape change in the floodplain of the Wisconsin River, USA. Ecological Applications 13:416-431. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., J.M. Harbor, and E.H. Stanley. 2003. Towards policies and decision-making for dam removal. Environmental Management 31:453-465. pdf file

  • Stanley, E.H., M.D. Johnson, and A.K. Ward. 2003. Evaluating the influence of macrophytes on algal and bacterial production in multiple habitats of a freshwater wetland. Limnology and Oceanography 48:1101-1111. pdf file

  • Stanley, E.H. and M.W. Doyle. 2003. Trading off: the ecological effects of dam removal. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 1:15-22. pdf file

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, and J.M. Harbor. 2003. Channel adjustments following two dam removals in Wisconsin. Water Resource Research 39:10.1029/2002WR001714. pdf file

  • Benda, L.E., N. L. Poff, C. Tague, M.A. Palmer, J. Pizzuto, N. Bockstael, S. Cooper, E.H. Stanley, and G. Moglen. 2002. Avoiding train wrecks in the use of science in environmental problem solving. BioScience 52:1127-1136.

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, and J.M. Harbor. 2002. Assessing probable channel response to dam removal using geomorphic analogies. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38:1567-1580.

  • Gergel, S.E., J.R. Miller, M.G. Turner, E.H. Stanley, and J.M. Melack. 2002. Indicators of human impacts to river-floodplain systems. Aquatic Sciences 64:118-128. pdf file

  • Stanley, E.H. and M.W. Doyle. 2002. A geomorphic perspective on nutrient retention following dam removal. BioScience 52:693-701. pdf file

  • Stanley, E.H., M.A. Luebke, M.W. Doyle, and D.W. Marshall. 2002. Short-term changes in channel form and macroinvertebrate communities following low-head dam removal. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 21:172-187. pdf file

  • Haggard, B.E., D.E. Storm, E.H. Stanley, R.D. Tejral, Y.A. Popova, and V.G. Keyworth. 2001. Stream nutrient retention in three northeastern Oklahoma agricultural catchments. Transactions of the ASAE: 44: 597 605. pdf file

  • Haggard, B.E., D.E. Storm, and E.H. Stanley. 2001. Effect of a point source input on stream nutrient retention. Journal of American Water Resources Association: 37:1291-1300.

  • Ackerson, B., D. Bertholf, J. Choike, E. Stanley, and J. Wolfe. 2001. Red and blue laser CDs: How much data can they hold? The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and its Applications 2:157-180.

  • Doyle, M.W., E.H. Stanley, M.A. Luebke, and J.M. Harbor. 2000. Dam removal: physical, biological, and societal considerations. American Society of Civil Engineering Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Planning and Management, Minneapolis, MN. pdf file

  • Spranza, J.J. II and E.H. Stanley. 2000. Condition, growth, and reproductive styles of fishes exposed to different environmental regimes in a prairie drainage. Environmental Biology of Fishes: 59:99-109.

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