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All Zoology students unless otherwise noted.

Grad Student

Topic of Study


Nick Davenport Regulation of Pho GTPase activity during single-cell woulnd healing in Xenopus laevis. Bement
Stacy Kigar A quantitative proteommic approach to identify novel regulators of cytokinesis.
Anglea Kita Investing Role of S-Actin during Mitosis.
Andrew Cassini Examining Conservation, Population and Genetic Parameters of the Critically Endangered Montserrat Oriole (Icterus oberi). Berres
Ryan Batt Is metalimnetic metabolism important on a whole-lake scale? Carpenter
Jereme Gaeta Rainbow smelt (Oserus mordax) thermal limits and growth under stress: an understanding toward the eradication of an invasive species.
Amanda Stone Spatial and temporal variability of algal flourescence in eutrophic Lake Mendota.
Luke Winslow
Angela Dassow Vocal repertoire of the white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar). Coen
Eric Caldera Population genetic structure and the evolution of specialization within a multi-species ant-microbe symbiosis. Currie
Lily Khadempour --
Amy Alstad
How management, land-use history and landscape context affect the diversity and composition of plant communities.  
Maria Melnechuk
Assessing the impacts of land-use history on functional diversity.
Jesse Miller Plant communities in shallow-soil glades in the Ozarks.  
Terri Driessen Neurotensin's effect on maternal aggression. Gammie
Brian Eisinger
Differential modulation of septal GABA-A receptor subunits in the facilitatio of maternal aggression.
Charles Saul
Dysregulation of multiple genes linked to bipolar disorder in a potential new mouse model for mania.
Jamin Dreyer The effect of a midge pulse on a terrestrial arthropod food web. Gratton
Hannah Gaines
Response of native bees to landscape structure in a perennial agroecosystem.
Kaitlin Rienzo-Stack
Insect ecology and population dynamics in a biofuel agroecosystem.
Jessica TeSlaa
Zic Function and Actomyosin Contraction in Zebrafish Midbrain Neurulation.
Matthew Clay -- Halloran
Tristan Lee
Olga Ponomareva Sensory Rohon-Beard Axon Guidance in Zebrafish.
Celeste Eno Tropomodulin and B-spectrin involvement in cell adhesion. Hardin
Tim Loveless C. elegans tag-208 encodes a sorbin-family homolog that localizes to sites of integrin-mediated adhesion.
Bethany Lucas --
Elise Walck-Shannon Actin Dynamics during Dorsal Intercalation is C. elegans.
Jocelyn Behm Does competition modify predator-induced phenotypic plasticity in three tadpole species? Ives
Huan Fan Phylogenomics and functional genomics of tropical trees, especially figs(ficus, Moraceae).
Meghan Fitzgerald The better to eat you with (or eat with you): the evolution of stealing vs. arachnophagy in Argyrodes spiders.
Jacob Usinowicz Coexistence in tropical forests mediated by asynchrohous variation with a variation in annual seed production.
Kyle Webert Subsidized Island Biogeography.
Teresa Schlueller
The cues have it; nest-based, cue-mediated recruitment to carbohydrate resources in a swarm-founding social wasp.
Benjamin Taylor
Yellowjackets use nest-based cues to preferentially exploit higher-quality resources.
Heidi Bissell
Lichen digestibility by the black-and -white snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti).
Tawnya Coyle
Reproductive development and adaptive immune status of Rana popoens following polybrominated diphenyl ether exposure.
Zachary Dequattro
Effects ib female GSI and Vtb induction.
Elena Doucet-Beer
Impact of Food Subsidies on the foraging ecology of Steller's Jays in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.
Tess Killpack
Examining the impacts of passively-transferred antibodies to West Nile Virus on the development of immune function in altricial birds. 
Greg Gelembiuk Metagenomics of the Copepod Microbiome Associated with Saline to Freshwater Invasions. Lee
Davorka Gulisija Evolutionary Mechanisms of Rapid Adaptation and their Impacts on Genomic signatures of Selection.
Marijan Posavi Testing for Marginal Overdominance in Salinity Tolerance in E. affinis.
Sean McKenzie
How secondary chemical compounds in aspen trees affect defense against mammalian herbivory and what trade-offs with browsing tolerance and escape investing in those chemical compounds requires.
Joshua Pultorak
Testosterone and pair-bonding effects on ultrasonic courtship vocalizations in a monogamous mouse.
Evan Childress Ecosystem effects of nutrient subsidies from migratory suckers. McIntyre
Aaron Koning
Aquatic food webs and various aspects of nutrient cycling using stable isotopes within the Mekong River Basin of Southeast Asia.
Benjamin Kraemer --
Dan Ole
Northern pike are an important game species that can act as both top predators and keystone species. My work focuses on studying northern pike spawning migrations from Lake Michigan into the tributary network. Using otolith microchemistry, I hope to show whether northern pike exhibit a strong natal homing capability. The results could have strong management implications, and will be used to guide efforts to restore breeding habitat in tributaries of Green Bay.
Philip Hahn
Does plant diversity provide associational resistance against generalist herbivores?
Caleb Hickman Field validation of the impact of Amur Honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) on behavioral and ecosystem processes.
Lauren Brooks Genetics of Speciation in a House Mouse model. Payseur
Kara Cromwell
The role of parasitism in aquatic communities and food webs.
Peter Dudley
Biophysical animal ecology and niche modeling.
Megan Fitzpatrick
Exploring Relationships between Energetics and Breeding Failure in Endangered Whooping Cranes (Grus americana) through Mechanistic Modeling.
Julia Haviland
Developmental exposure to common pesticide mixtures causes adverse metabolic and behavioral consequences in adults.
Paul Mathewson --
Lucas Moyer-Horner
Effect of temperature on American pika activity.
Javier Valasco
Differential effects of pollutants on hatchling success of Leatherback Sea Turtles.
Jeremiah Yahn
Ecology, energetics and nesting behavior of rare and endangered turtles in the Amazon basin.
Melissa Anne Cordes Neural Regulation of Context-appropriate Behaviors in the European Starling. Riters
Cynthia Kelm Opioids in the Medical Preoptic Nucleus and Nest Box Status.
Devin P. Merullo Neurobiology of vocal communication in songbirds.
Benjamin Pawlisch Using site specific injections (into the medial preoptic nucleus) of dopamine receptor agonists to examine the role of dopamine receptors in sexually motivated male bird-song.
Sofia Refetoff Zahed Hormones and behavior in non-human primates Snowdon
John Crawford
Investigating aquatic carbon cycling through experimental tracer additions.
Stephen Powers Stream and Wetland Nitrate Uptake Across Extremes in Channel Form.
Jennifer Knickelbine
Effects of Neuropeptide-like Proteins (NLPs) on Locomotion in the Nematode Ascaris suum.
Christopher Konop
Determine the peptide profiles of individual motor neurons of the ventral cord of Ascaris suum.
Michelle Gooch
Effects of land-use history and climate on native forest herbs.
Brian Harvey
Effects of recent mountain pine beetle infestation on fire severity and post-fire regeneration in a lodgepole forest of Greater Yellowstone.
Jiangxiao Qiu Explore alternative land-use scenarios to understand how landscape composition and configuration influence landscape resilience and the spatial trade-offs among different ecosystem services.
Bryan Althouse Autotrophic structure along a tropic Gradient in Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Vander Zanden
Gretchen Hansen Whole Ecosystem Effects of Removing Invasive Rusty Crayfish from a North Temperate Lake.
Matthew Kornis Differences in Life History and Impact of an Invasive Fish, Round Goby in the Great Lakes and their Tributaries.
Alex Latzka Region-wide distributions of boater-mediated aquatic invasive species in the Northern Highland Lake District of Wisconsin.
Alison Mikulyuk Distribution and abundance of aquatic macrophytes; modelling and managing aquatic invasive species populations.
Jacob Walsh Determining the impact of the spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) invasion into Lake Mendota and the Yahara Chain lakes.

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